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Purchase Additional Crystals

and use Crystals to get Grape Leaves

How To Play


Tarneeb is one of the most popular Middle Eastern card games. It is a 4 player game, where each two players form a team (partners sit across each other). A standard 52 card deck is used, each suit ranking highest (Ace) to lowest (two).

A team wins points by winning a set or by making the other team lose a set. A Set consists of 3 stages: Betting, Playing, and Score-Counting stages. After one set is over, a new set kicks off. The process continues until one of the two teams passes a Preset Terminal Score (usually 31), and wins!

The Betting Stage

Players have to bet between 7 and 13, or pass. Players bet how many hands(tricks) their team could win. Bets have to be more than the highest bet value. Or pass. Player with the highest best picks the Trump suit, i.e. the "Tarneeb".

The Playing Stage

Player who picked the Tarneeb suit starts the first round. Player of the winning hand starts the next set. After a player plays a card, the player on the right has to play a card of the same suit if possible. If a player does not have the suit being played, then a card from any suit can be played. If all played cards are of the same suit, the player who played the highest card wins that set. In the case that a player does not have a card of the same suit, any card of a different suit (other than the Tarneeb) is worthless, and cannot win the round. If there are cards of the Tarneeb suit on the table, the player who played the highest Tarneeb card wins.

The Scoring Stage

Each team (2 players) shares one score count. If the betting team gets at least its bet count in hand, it wins that set. The team's score is increased by the number of hands won. Losing team gets nothing. If the betting team couldn't reach bet value, bet value is subtracted from their total score, while the other team's achieved hands are added to their total score.

Objective of the game:
Earn more grape leaves.
To learn more about grape leaves click here click here To learn more about grape leaves

User Interface

Profile page summarizes a member’s total points and Grape Leaves earned and their level of Prestige. Also contains a brief personal information section.

Adding friends
Members can add friends by either
Searching their name on the homepage, going on to their profile and click on “Add Friend” or in the lobby, click on the player's name and view their profile, then click on "View Complete Profile" and add as friend.

Chats are easy and allow you to contact other players during games and outside of games.

Transfer Grape Leaves
Help your friends gain more prestige and play on higher levels by transferring Grape Leaves to them, it’s easy, just click on the “Transfer Grape Leaves” button on your profile page.

Game Story

Welcome to Tarneebia. The land of Tarneeb, where the Artificially Intelligent Thetas live. Thetas were created to play the fun and addicting game of Tarneeb. After Evil Theta broke the code and cheated his way through, he held all Thetas as his slaves. He now lives in the Evil Theta Fortress gaining more power daily. Humans are needed to help free Thetas by playing Tarneeb and earning as many points and Grape Leaves (currency) as they can. The most prestigious of all will play through the land of Tarneebia and play against Evil Theta to free the land. In the land of Tarneebia, the Middle East is represented by iconic buildings and structures found in many major cities in the MENA region. Not only is Tarneeb one of the Middle East’s favorite past-times, but on, it is a way to “fight” against the evil “dictator” Evil Theta.


On the Tarneeb network, your mission is to play your way through "Tarneebia", the Tarneeb world. Traveling from one location to the next playing Tarneeb in a new setting at each location, until reaching the ultimate fortress where you play against Evil Theta to beat him and free Tarneebia.

To gain access to new places on the map, you need to gain enough "Prestige”. Gaining Prestige on is easy!

To gain Prestige, players must earn Grape Leaves by either playing and winning games or purchasing grape leaves.

Point System & Levels

Tarneeb is a 4 player game consisting of two teams (Red or Blue teams). Each team races to reach an agreed upon terminal game score to win the game. Usually 21, 31 or 51.

Points are rewarded to members based on several factors during the game. Winning team receives 10 points automatically for winning, and up to 50 points depending on performance. Losing team loses points with maximum loss of -20.

Points awarded or lost are based on the following:

1- The Game Scores at the End Winners: the higher the ending score the more points received Losers: the higher the ending score the less points lost

2- The Score Difference between the Winning and the Losing Team Winners: the larger difference in scores, the more points gained Losers: the larger difference in scores, the more points lost.

3- The Number of Sets Played Winners: the more sets played the more points earned Losers: the more sets played, the less points lost.

The more points rewarded, the more access gained to higher levels and more Grape Leaves earned to for higher Prestige.

Grape Leaves

Grape Leaves are the currency on Players are awarded Grape Leaves along with Points after winning a game. Players also lose Points and Grape Leaves when games are lost. Grape Leaves are used to purchase items from the online shops and upgrade personalized characters. The more items purchased from the virtual shops, the more "Prestige" gained in the game.

During the game, there are many ways to earn grape leaves. Play fast, snatch grape leaves when players leave the table during games.. etc.

Grape Leaves can also be purchased. All profits made from these purchases go back into development of the website and improving user experience.

To buy Grape Leaves click here


Prestige allows players to enter different game areas in the world of Tarneeb. Game settings that require high Prestige, give players higher rewards when games are won, but losses are higher when games are lost.

To increase Prestige players should use their Grape Leaves to purchase items from the game shops and upgrade their personalized character.

Community Rules

Play for fun or competitively but always have a sportsmanlike attitude.

Do not cheat

Be respectful on profiles, chats, during games and on all the tarneeb network.

When you create a game, be a good host.

Connection does not imply permission to abuse.

Be professional not confrontational.

Do not engage abusers, report them.

Please report system bugs in order for us to further enhance your experience.

Feel free to send us suggestions and feedback.

Most importantly... Have fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cheat Detection Systems

Users caught cheating will:
1) Be given a warning and banned for 5 days from the site
2) If it happens again, will be permanently banned from the website.
The goal at Tarneeb is to enjoy the game of Tarneeb and compete in a fair environment. We do not tolerate cheaters or people who abuse the system. Let’s keep this place fun, enjoyable and fair.

How to add a friend?

You can add friends by either:
Search their name on the homepage, go to their profile and add them as a friend
In the lobby click on the player's name and view their profile, then click on "View Complete Profile"... from there you can add them as a friend

Does the Points System depend on the cards played?

The scoring of the game does not depend on the cards that you played, it depends on the number of hands that you win and whether you make your bet or break your opponent's bet.

Why does my partner throw low cards?

Whether it is Theta or player there is one major reason to throw low cards. If you calculate odds and watch every card thrown you may throw a low card so that your partner can use his/her good card or trump to take a round. This means you may be confident that you can take a lot of rounds but know if you do you will eat your partners trump as well. If your partner is throwing "off" or low cards try to take that round if you can.

When I pass does it mean I give up my turn or that I bid nil?

Your shaded cards should be shown at the bottom of the screen. If you have a lot of the Trump/Tarneeb suit, bid on the right hand side of your screen. If you do not think you can collect enough hands with the amount of Tarneeb suit you have, then Pass. If all players Pass, the hands are re-dealt.